dcEX = Danscentrum Exhibits

Place: Danscentrum, Jungfrugatan 7b

In the spring of 07 Scentrifug/Petter Jacobsson and Thomas Caley in cooperation with Danscentrum-Stockholm started dcEX– a new platform and meeting place for dance as video art – a dance center that also acts as “dance gallery”. By exhibiting these interdisciplinary works we hope to open a dialog and research into the blending of these two media. Opening Danscentrum, dancers’ and choreographers “home court”, to the general gallery going public we strive to illuminate the quick development and melding of our art forms. Dance has always welcomed and embraced outside influences from all disciplines of the art world. Our interest is to highlight and further develop this specific corner of dances’ fantastic vastness..

We Scentrifug as curators for dcEX welcome any proposals for further exhibitions. DVDs and or written material can be sent via our contact info. Next planned opening is for November 07 exact times and dates of exhibitions are subject to the yearly planning of Danscentrum.


Flying sources - november 07

Flying sources.........

Video material comes from our video/dance performance Untitled partner.

looped images
Digital Dvcam
Video 4:3

Idea, choreography: Petter Jacobsson, Thomas Caley
Music: Mattias Petersson
Editing: Björn Eriksson
Photography: Andreas Söderberg

Flying sources finds inspiration in the conflict between the id and the ego, where the conciousness and the unconscious overlap, between the possible and the impossible, between black and white. Through the use of hyper fast video clips the film leads us through a thrilling unreal experience of flight, and interpretation of the body's weightless airbourne possibilities.

Postparadise - spring 2007 //

Camera, concept, Petter Jacobsson and Thomas Caley. Editing - Björn Eriksson/Poststation.Music -Mattias Petersson. Postparadise isa 16min looped video art installation comprising of four large connected projections, in its original format 16 meters long. Longing and expectation in a neverending course of events – questioning direction in a dramatic floating reality.