Flux ger en stark upplevelse av att både försöka fånga nuet och bryta sig loss från dess sugande flöde. Jacobsson och Caley ger förloppet både magnetisk kraft och tyngdlöshet. Att stå utanför och betrakta det skjorttyg som nyss följde jagets rörelser, att vända sig från tidens axel – en svindlande tanke

Anna Ångström - SvD 14 December 2008

They create an exquisitely crafted play with time, room and memory, that bares with it a beautiful earnest gravity.
a small miracle
......SvD Anna Ångström 2008-11-26


Premiere 25th of November plays through the 30th of November -Moderna dansteatern c/o Färgfabriken Liljeholmen Stockholm

Dance, video and new music performance - flux - understanding flux and variation. Change is cyclical, and one expects circumstances to recur.

No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man.... Herakleitos

With this statement it is meant that all is in constant change, but that it/we retain our original format, in this respect a constant.

There is nothing permanent except change......Herakleitos.

Flux finds inspiration in this process and its' time and action. Taking the occasion to acknowledge this inevitable occurrence.
Hanging, balancing, dancing, shifting, focusing and a blurred drawn-out moment on the cusp of change.
Dance as an art form lies close to these forces of fluctuation through it's memory based execution. A dance performance is always in flux,
always in the moment, always expanding and compressing time. Just as we welcome the "development" and the evolution of ourselves and society,
we are resistant to the time in which it takes - so fast that we can't fully grasp the consequences or too slow for our western ideals.


Idea, dance, video, room: Petter Jacobsson & Thomas Caley

Music: Mattias Petersson

Light design, photography: Andreas Söderberg

Video editing: Björn Eriksson



photo: Miriam Jacobsson