Happening paradise?
Idea, video, choreography: Scentrifug – Petter Jacobsson & Thomas Caley
Music: Mattias Petersson
Editing: Björn Eriksson

Dates: 20/7 - 3/8 2008

A dance and dance video art happening for the city of Strömstad Sweden.
Through a process of five workshops throughout the autumn and spring we together
with local interested people of all interests and disciplines created a public
installation in Stadsparken, Strömstad. The 16min looped video dance art piece
Post paradise was accompanied by a group of pedestrians performing specific tasks
developed over our workshop period. The tasks' when and where were controlled by
the group. The "performance" could happen at any time and in any part of
the park throughout a two hour period of time.


Photo: Maria Stolhamar