"Niagara Falls" for Danshögskolan

Niagara falls – a meditation on romanticism. 

Premiere Friday the 23rd of May 19:00, 24th 19:00, 25th 16:00
Danshögskolan Brinellvägen 58
T-bana Tekniskahögskolan

“I did not paint it to be understood, but I wish to show what such a scene was like.” J.M.W Turner

Romanticism brought with it the concept of the individual and the almost cult of the creative imagination, allowing at the time for the freeing of artistic ponderings. Niagara Falls weaves its’ way through the dense community of the individual. Taking inspiration from the individualism in a group. Bound in ones community but free in form and thought.

“I must surrender myself to what surrounds me.”  Casper David Friedrich

“Niagara Falls”  is an original work created over a seven week period with and for the the 2nd year students of Danshögskolan.

Length: 30 mins

Choreography/idea: Scentrifug/ Petter Jacobsson and Thomas Caley
Music: Mattias Petersson
Light design: Andreas Söderberg

Dance: 2nd year dance students