Foto: Mats Bäcker

Nightlife - A video and dance performance - 2005
Idea and Choreography - Petter Jacobsson and Thomas Caley
Video installation - Fredrik Wretman
VJ – Roberto Norberg Peyre
Music - by Mattias Peterson
Lights/costumes - by Cisse Jacobsson Hallstedt
Production - Scentrifug
Created and performed by - Maria Öhman, Jan Vesala, Thomas Caley, Petter JacobssonMan... consumes more than one third of his life in this his irrational situation.
Darwin (1801)

Nightlife researches and analyses the rhythmic and biological structures of a "free-fall" through the involuntary and active state that we refer to as sleep. What happens to ones existence? - are there boundaries between the awaken state and sleep? What happens when we release ourselves from our physical restrictions and our rational world?

The length of the performance is 50 min and was originally created for Färgfabriken, a gallery ca 30m long x 13 m wide, with a 25 meter long fabric wall projected with a series of video images by the swedish artist Fredrik Wretman, mixed live by a VJ. This long and narrow room intensified the idea of infinity. The audience sat within the performance space.

The music is composed by Mattias Peterson, an electronic score which gave an incredible encompassing sense to the environment.