Thomas Caley - Choreographer, Dancer, Teacher - In New York 1997 he formed the choreographic partnership – Scentrifug with Petter Jacobsson, presenting work from New York to St. Petersburg. For their work on "Chess The Musical" they received a “Gold Mask for best choreography”, Also to critical acclaim Petter and Thomas directed In nooks and crannies, a  performing arts installation for The Royal Opera house - Stockholm,. This large happening incorporating and intergrading the Royal Ballet, Opera and Orchestra. exposed unusual private and public interiors as performance spaces.

Thomas completed his BFA from Purchase College in NY in 92. Between 93 and 00 he worked and toured internationally with the Merce Cunningham Dance Company. From 00 thru 02 he was repetitor and teacher for the Royal Swedish Ballet, as well as freelance performer and choreographer, having worked with among others Christina Caprioli and Liene and Roebana from Amsterdam.

Scentrifug is now based in Stockholm, Sweden.