Untitled partner / autumn 07

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Nordwind festival - HAU 2, London - South bank centre. Luleå, Sweden. Vara, Sweden. Gotland, Sweden. Yokohama, Japan.

foto: Andreas Söderberg

It is an unusual, intense experience, a happening of the kind Scentrifug / Petter Jacobsson and Thomas Caley, have surprised us with since 2000. They do what no one else does in Swedish dance. And what they do and dance, is urban, underground, and avant-garde.

Örjan Abrahamsson, DN, 09.23.07

Untitled partner is an inspiring intimate study of the multifaceted teamwork we more or less consciously deal with – with the partner we carry within us or the one, which we mirror ourselves in.

Anna Ångström, svd, 09.23.07


Untitled partner finds inspiration in the conflict between the id and the ego –
where consciousness and the unconscious overlap or sometimes collide is where Untitled partner finds its form, between the angles and dimensions, not balancing but furiously spinning, jumping and flying between hyper fast video clips and live performance. Untitled partner, with the help of film media, questions both time and space and reflects on the complex partner within us. It is an intimate study of the teamwork necessary to acknowledge ones alter ego, or just as easily the acknowledgment of the balance necessary in a dance partnership.

This is the third time we have worked in close collaboration with composer Mattias Petersson, who has created a unique, contemporary “live electronic” score.

- That which is done by what we refer to as the ego, is probably done by something within me, that which is larger than myself.
Physicist James Clerk Maxwell on his deathbed 1897

Choreography, video and concept: Petter Jacobsson and Thomas Caley
Music: Mattias Petersson
Light design and camera: Andreas Söderberg
Editing: Björn Eriksson
Performance length 45 min


Film version of Untitled partner is a 7:35 min short film.

Will be screened at Shoot dance for screen in Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö. Screendance Basel 19th of Sept. VideoDansa, Barcelona International Prize 8th thru the 11th of January 2009







foto: Mats Bäcker

Funded in part by The Swedish National council for Cultural Affairs and The Culture Department of Stockholm.